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Amazing! worth the try

amazing product! i gave it to my 3 year old whom was always having bad tantrums, fatigue, and just not himself. i felt soo bad because i would try different things on how i could help him out to control his stress until i researched and found bioray. Honestly just 1 week in of giving him the calm and happy together for 1 week i noticed a huge difference. he was more happy, less tantrums, stress levels were low and overall happy little 3 year old :) ive recommended this product to my friends and family and will continue to recommend.

NDF Pooper®

When my 2.5 year old started using the toilet she also started stool witholding. It's a common problem during the transition but it is very stressful and can have long term impacts. The Pooper reliably and safely brings about a much-needed bowel movement within 2 hours of taking the suggested intake. We will continue using through this transition and then keep it on-hand for post-vaccination elimination. I've tried a lot of different supplements and this is the best.

RAYZ Thinking Cap®
Maggie Martinez

My daughter and I both use it and we notice the difference when we do. Thinking Cap does what it says it does!

NDF Happy®
A New Kid

We feel like we have a new 5 year old. One with minimal outbursts and that is much more affectionate. Taking it one day at a time but enjoying the improvement we are seeing.

Immunity Hit for Kids
McKenzie Endres
Great Value

This has been a fantastic add to our routine with school beginning. Will definitely be purchasing again!

NDF Happy®
Natalja Samarina

Я очень довольна покупкой

NDF Sleepy®
Kate Glenn
2 Year Old

My newly two year old has had the hardest time with sleep since he was born. For the first 21 months of his life he wouldn’t sleep longer than 1 two hour stretch per night. After that stretch he’d wake every 30-60 minutes. I was way past sleep deprivation. I was losing myself, my mind and my marriage. We had tried sleepy around 13 months old for two nights and it didn’t make a difference. I decided a month and a half ago to really give it a 2 week trial where we used it every single night. Wow. It has been night and day for my child. I give it to him right before going to bed (as in he’s in bed laying down and then I give him the Doppler). I only do 0.75 ml per night. But he just gave us his first ever 4 hour stretch. He’s easier to put down at night (in the past it could take us up to two hours sometimes). It’s been a literal life savior for me. If it doesn’t seem to be working for your kiddo, I would suggest giving it a try for at least two weeks before ruling it out. Also, my son loves the taste so that’s a big bonus.

NDF Calm®
Maria Reising
Much more calm

My son has some terrible outbursts. I’ve noticed with this and combining it with Happy, my son’s fits are more manageable and not as wild.

NDF Tummy®
Sarah D
NDF Tummy

We started my daughter on this to help improve digestion and more consistent bowel movements. So far she is having BM’s more often! We also are using to help remove toxins she may be exposed to daily to help build her immune system. This fall/winter will be a good test to see if it’s helping. We had a very rough winter with lots of sickness last year.

NDF Calm®
Melina S
Beneficial !

My daughter was recommended by her pediatrician to take all four and to start with calm, her runny stool improved in the first two days of taking it and she seems to have improved her cognitive awareness!

The answer to a 6 yr struggle!

We’ve been down this road with our daughter since she first started eating solid foods at 6 months. We still haven’t had a clear medical explanation, but this product makes me want to cry. No more suppositories, no more laxatives, no more extreme dietary restrictions, no more sitting on the toilet for endless amounts of time, no more tears, no more “withholding” related accidents. She’s going with ease & it’s finally not a constant topic of conversation. I found this late one night while scrolling endless mom blogs looking for alternative options. It took less than a week of using this multiple times a day with “calm” to see results. We now only use it about once a week to keep the pooping easy. We’re so grateful, especially because it’s natural & doesn’t have negative side effects like everything else.

NDF Calm®
Ana Davila
Works great!

Thank you! I am happy with with Bioray , I see the improvement in my daughter, I recommend!

Calmer child

My son is calmer, more responsive and listens. I could never make him stop hitting me, now I tell him don’t do it because it hurts and he stops. It’s been a lifesaver! Thank you!

5 years old Child

My son has started taking this and within 2 days he has normal stools! I have never ever seen him have anything put grainy and mushy poo! I’m going to do another review in a month or too, but this is a win for us already. I hope I see some communication develop from this. We are taking happy as well

Microbe Slayer® (Organic)
Yadire Sauri Borras

My dark bags under my eyes disappear !!!!!

NDF Calm®
Christy Bowen
Works like a charm!

I have a wild and crazy 2-year-old who hates to sleep. Before trying this supplement, it would take almost an hour to get her down for naptime and bedtime every day. Now she goes down easily in half an hour or less.

I've also noticed that she's more relaxed throughout the day and will spend more time playing with her quiet toys, like her farm animals, rather than running all around the house or banging on her drums all day long. Not that there's anything wrong with running and drumming, but it's nice to have a break sometimes!

The only negative thing I have to say about this supplement is that it really does not taste good. I always try whatever I buy for my toddler before giving it to her, and this tastes like a REALLY strong chai tea. It also tastes like alcohol, but I think that's just the clove flavor coming in really strong. Anyways, my kiddo likes iced green tea, so I decided to try mixing this supplement in a 1:1 solution with her tea and giving her 2x the amount of liquid called for to make sure she gets the right dosage. It works great for us; she takes 1 ml (mixed) twice a day with no fuss at all.


I like adding these to my drinks throughout the day to give me a boost!


I noticed a change in my sleep from the first use! I felt very well-rested and it was easier to fall asleep.

Love it!

I really like the improvement that Life Is Peachy has made in my everyday life. I noticed that I am less moody and have less cravings for sweets than usual.

Good Value!

This products have been working great for my kids, so finding this bundle at a discounted price was a bonus! Thanks, Bioray!

I am feeling better.

Liver Lover has been such a savior. It feels easier to get up in the morning and my moods feel more stable. I will continue taking it!

Great for my pet!

My dog sometimes gets into the trash and gets an upset stomach. A dropper of this and it truly helps within hours!

So good for bedtime!

I take a few drops at night and it really helps me to relax. I just feel a bit more at ease. Then sleep seems to come easier. I like it!

Did not get sick this past winter!

NDF Immune is great! I typically get sick during flu season. Since taking NDF immune I haven't even had a cough! Do not sleep on this product!

RAYZ Dream Machine®
James Chonka
I'm a dreamin' machine!

Not only do I feel like I was able to get to sleep faster than usual, but I feel like I actually had more dreams than usual, it was fun!