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NDF Pooper®
Works like a charm

It worked for my son the first day! I was so thrilled. Great stuff, have bought a bunch more since. Absolutely love it and would recommend it!

NDF Calm®

I love these products so much. My 2.5 year old has always been the worst sleeper. It’s very hard to get her to fall asleep but even once she was asleep she would toss and turn all night until about 4 am when she would finally fall into a deep sleep. I have been giving her calm and happy for about a month and half now and about a week ago I noticed she is sleeping really deeply. She comes into our room every night but there’s been a few nights where she’s slept all night in her bed for the first time in her life! Make sure to do the full three months, you may not see results right away!

Good to Go®
Kim Kimbler
Happy with "Good to Go"

My daughter purchased this product and I used it when I was visiting. It like how well it works. I ordered my own bottle.

Helps me manage stress

I started this two weeks ago and I've noticed a huge difference. I feel generally more relaxed and I've been able to manage stressful situations. I'm hoping this will help heal an overactive stress response that I have and so far I think it is working!

NDF Pooper®
Brittany Skinner
Definitely works !!

Bought this along with calm and happy to detox my child. We have done a detox like this before with a different brand and my child ran into constipation/with holding was couldn't finish that detox. Year later and found Bioray and looks like some good testimonials. I give the recommended intake and my child will have a FULL bowl movement

Excellent Fullfilment

I placed an order .The products were delivered in a timely fashion
I am satisfied with the service I received and will continue to recommend the full line that we carry .Much thanks to the team

Love it!

This has been a great probiotic for my family! Love all of the Bioray products!

NDF Pooper®
Wendy S
Love this!!

Amazing fast acting, gentle. Just what was needed!!
Truly amazing product!!

Liver Lover® (Organic)
Michelle Bigelow

Tastes good which is nice. I’ve only been on it for a couple weeks and have noticed right from the start this is going to be a great product I won’t be without!

Before the Flow®
Krystal Alston
Before the flow really works!

I had tried many supplements to help with managing my mood swings, cramps, headaches, and cravings before my periods began, and nothing worked. I used Bioray products for my son and decided to try them for myself. I am so glad that I did. I LOVE Before the Flow. This made me forget that my cycle was coming because I still felt normal. I will purchase Before and After the Flow from here on out.


My son has had trouble pooping since birth, he is now 16 months and I have tried so many things that have never worked (probiotics, chiropractor, massage, various supplements) He typically only has a bowel movement once a week and it is FOUL smelling, almost like Tar and it makes no sense because he was exclusively breastfed, has no food intolerances or allergies, and eats a very clean whole food diet. He has been taking pooper twice a day for 2 weeks now and he has started having normal smelling bowl movements every single day from the 3rd day of starting. Amazing!

NDF Pooper®
Laura G
Miracle Product!!!

I cannot recommend these products enough!! My 19 month old son has suffered with backed up bowels pretty much since he started solids and Pooper coupled with Calm has solved the problem!! I had tried magnesium and probiotics, changing his diet and nothing was working until I discovered Bioray. Now he goes everyday, sometimes twice and if he has had a ton of bowel assisting foods he will only have one day where he doesn’t go. Before bioray he would poop once a week. Seriously amazing products, Pooper and Calm combo is the way to go!!! Don’t waste a dollar on anything else.

Liver Lover® (Organic)
Dr Tiffany Halm
A must have for everyone

I make sure I have this liver liver always in stock. I love to detox with liver lover for 2-3 months after holiday season or trip to help support the health & function of my liver.

NDF Happy®
Megan H.
Order now!!

I am absolutely obsessed with all things Bioray! My 3 year olds tantrums are a lot less crazy, her speech and sentence making is incredible! I take care of a 2 year old boy who suffered from a severe food intolerance that would cause an awful skin irritations on his private parts, and now it's non-existent, even if he has the foods that cause the irritation. I tell everyone about Bioray! My husband and I also take a few other products as well and love them and have seen huge benefits!

Two weeks results !

I can honestly say that helps & works ! I bought due to the good reviews , I kept seeing the ads on Facebook & decided to try it out. My almost 2 year old wasn’t speaking with words. He was just babbling in two weeks he has gotten 3 to 5 words. I’ve seen him with more energy , he has more eye contact. I’m going to keep giving it to him & I will update once he has a month !!!


My daughter is 15 months old and has always struggled to poop. We tried probiotics, high fiber food etc... It's always very hard and she screams and struggles it's terrible! She Usually pushes on and off all day till it comes out. The first day taking this she went within two hours and it was quick. Her poop seems a little softer since taking it all week. I think it's helping!

NDF Tummy®
Kelly B
Wow! No denying results!

My son is 2 and barely speaking or babbling, just quiet. In just two weeks on this product his language has exploded! He is less shy about making noises, babbling, way more engaged, better eye contact, less emotional, more appropriately following directions. Went from maybe 3-5 words to 15-20 in the last couple weeks. There’s absolutely no denying that this product hasn’t helped my son make great strides in milestones. Thank you Bioray!!!!

NDF Calm®
Jessie D
A great new tool in the kit

This has been awesome to be able to give my little one some supportive herbs and have the added bonus of detox!

Honestly amazing!!

So crazy what just one time doing this did. Fresh breath & almost like squeaky clean teeth without brushing?! We were super impressed and will definitely continue!

I am a glow!!

I have a very sensitive system, and I am waayyy over 18 .. I took one squirt this morning, another after lunch, haven't felt this alert, energized and in sync in a long time. Brilliant stuff! Thank you !!

NDF Calm®
Brittany nicolee
Awesome I love it

I started out with just the calm with my 3 year old my son has a serious hitting problem in when I tell him to not do certain things or take away stuff because of his hitting he would have out burst so after taking it I noticed when he wake up in the morning he was so much calmer in this was after using it for 3 days not running around craziness etc the hitting has not completely stopped yet but I can say it is less but we have only been using itb going on two weeks so I decided to also try the happy with it for the out burst I’m on day 4 with the happy I have a noticed when I ask him to stop doing something he does stop without the out burst I know it’s still earlier for both but I can believe I’m even noticing a change in I couldn’t be happier for this product thank you so much it’s less stressful less chaotic i definitely recommend this i will be ordering more in I will be back with a later on review

NDF Pooper®
CariAnn Berthelson
Clean skin

My son struggled with constipation a few months back, we finally got him going regularly, but his skin was broken out in an some type of skin irritation. No matter what kind of diet I put him on, it wouldn’t go away. Within 2 weeks of using this with NDF Calm, his skin is almost completely cleared up, and I can tell his body is completely clearing out every time he goes. After trying so many other herbal based things and diet things, I’ve noticed the best results with Bioray.

NDF Calm®
Brenda DePari
This works for my son

My son has a lot of meltdowns and gets super frustrated a lot when it comes to learning something extremely hard at school, these NDF calm drops are the best, they truly work magic for him. He focuses better and is able to retain information and learn.

This stuff is absolutely wonderful! Love the pure ingredients and does what it’s intended to do. My holistic practitioner was also very impressed with the ingredients and the way it worked for me.

NDF Pooper®
Jenna West
No more enema!

Amazing!! Pooper + some good probiotics = no more traumatizing enema’s.