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  • NDF® Detox is our micronized chlorella. It sticks to heavy metals, chlorine, BPA, and pesticides and carries them safely out of the body.
  • The synergy of the ingredients in NDF® Detox and NDF+® Detox is what makes these formulas so safe and effective and why they are in all 7 of the Kids products and 7 out of 8 Adult Daily products.
What’s a probiotic lysate & why do we use them?
BIORAY's process makes herbs smaller than the width of a hair. This allows them to bond and completely enclose heavy metals and other environmental toxins and remove them.
Probiotic Lysates
Our 11-strain probiotic blend have had their cell wall decimated releasing the vital substances from the probiotic cell. This helps the functionality of the immune system and the brain.
Is the process of low heat on certain herbs which adds beneficial nutrients and vital energy to our remedies. This helps those with assimilation & processing issues.

Alcohol provides the following benefits:

  • It is an effective natural preservative, maintaining the potency of ingredients
  • Lowers the surface tension of the liquid, making it much easier to absorb and permeate the cell membrane of herbs
  • The most effective way to obtain a full spectrum of the biologically active plant properties
  • Alcohol extracts removes both the water-soluble and the hydrophobic (alkanes, oils) compounds
  • When digestion is compromised, tinctures increase the body’s ability to absorb and utilize the nutrients in the supplement
  • An alcohol tincture is the most balanced and effective way an herb can be prepared to use as a remedy
  • It is an easy way to control a drop at a time

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herbal tinctures

Tinctures, are herbs macerated, soaked or steeped, in a liquid base of alcohol to draw out the plant properties. For centuries, tinctures have been used in many systems of integrative medicine. They are safe and effective for children, adults, and sensitive individuals. At BIORAY®, we use only use Non-GMO gluten free grain neutral spirits in it.

The amount of alcohol per intake in BIORAY’s herbal tinctures is less than what is found in a ripe banana. Those with a sensitivity to alcohol or that wish to avoid alcohol can pour boiling water over your intake amount of the tincture and drink when cooled. Alcohol has a lower evaporation point than boiling water and very little will be left in the solution. Or you can utilize BIORAY Adult Daily® or BIORAY Kids®, which are alcohol free.

Wildcrafted & Organic Extracts

We believe that the highest quality and purest ingredients produce the most effective natural herbal supplements. Our original formulas are whole plant extracts, a tradition upon which Chinese Herbalism was built. We respect this time-honored history.

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) ensure quality and integrity of our product line. A core management team oversees all aspects of production, from the growing and procuring of all raw materials to GMP/NSF manufacturing. We have an impeccable standard of practice that consistently produces quality products. We are committed to you and your family's good health.