BIORAY’s Sustainable Packaging

It is important to protect the products we are shipping to you as well as the environment. BIORAY® uses several kinds of sustainable packaging.  Depending on the number of products in your order you will have one of the following:

1. BIORAY’s air chamber packaging consists of 98% air. Your product ships safely and arrives intact in these air chamber sleeves. Air chambers are BPA free and 100% recyclable. Our air chamber packaging is also RoHS compliant, this means it is free of toxic substances for recycling. Consider reusing your air chamber for jewelry, cameras, chargers, or other fragile items when traveling or for safe storage.

2. Sealed Air Korrvu boxes utilize an innovative retention technology combining both recycled corrugated cardboard and a resilient low slip film to keep your products safe and secure during shipping. Containing over 30% recycled content, Korrvu boxes are curbside recyclable. However, consider Korrvu® Retention Packaging is reusable and transparent, making it ideal for storing fragile items in a secure way after you’ve removed your BIORAY® product.

3. Used in the least amount and less frequently at BIORAY® are cornstarch “peanuts” for cushioning in recycled corrugated boxes. These peanuts are made from the fermented sugar or corn and are biodegradable and should be composted at the end of their use cycle. Some properties of cornstarch materials are:

  • Compostable
  • Recycled by regrinding
  • UV resistant
  • Food Safe
  • Low flammability

Most people see packaging as “disposable” or a one-time-use container. However, packaging was created to protect and therefore sticks around for a long time. How we reuse or recycle has an immediate impact on our lands, oceans, lakes and streams.

BIORAY® is regularly evaluating and upgrading to higher quality sustainable shipping materials. We know we are accountable not only for our impact on people, animals, and the environment, but also for generations to come.