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Article: Liver Life® Study: ATEC Results

Liver Life® Study: ATEC Results

A Personal Message from Stephanie Ray

Generation Rescue

With help from Generation Rescue, we recently took a group of 11 children through a course of Liver Life® for 90 days, recording their pre and post ATEC (Treatment Evaluation Checklist). We are pleased to present the results of this intervention study with Liver Life®.

The following mean percent improvement was seen in the following areas

  • 19.35% Speech/Language/Communication
  • 40.53% Sociability
  • 39.35% Sensory/Cognitive Awareness
  • 38.89% Health/Physical Behavior
  • 35.99% Overall

The ATEC consists of 4 subtests: I. Speech/Language Communication; II. Sociability; III. Sensory/ Cognitive Awareness; and IV. Health/Physical/Behavior.  The higher the number in each section, the more severe the symptoms are in that area. After utilizing Liver Life® for 3 months, ATEC scores significantly decrease from an initial mean total score of 82 to 53. See the results of the study (PDF).

  • 100% of participants experienced improvement overall.
  • 6 participants improved in all 4 areas.
  • 5 participants improved in 3 out of 4 areas.

How does Liver Life® support a healthy body and mind? 

Some patients with liver issues experience behavior problems or neurologic symptoms associated with abnormal brain function. We often see high ammonia levels in these patients which can contribute to ‘spinning thoughts’, obsessive behaviors, communication issues and aggression.  Liver Life® opens up detoxification pathways in the liver, increases excretion of acidic waste and decreases ammonia levels. In the ATEC results from this report we see a significant improvement that correlates with some of these issues in the area of Sociability, Sensory/Cognitive Awareness and Speech.

The liver is also responsible for processing fats, carbohydrates, excess hormones and histamines, manufacturing vitamins and minerals as well as storing and mobilizing them. With regular use of Liver Life, we see a decreased need for high dose supplementation of nutrients including methyl b-12 shots. This indicates the liver is able to process and utilize b-12 from foods and supplements more efficiently. The ATEC results in Health/Physical Behavior provides additional confirmation that improving an individual’s liver structure and function with Liver Life® results in a healthy functioning body and mind.

Ultimately we have happier people who are no longer “liverish”; a term fondly coined by the British when one is in a snappish or crabby mood. In TCM, (Traditional Chinese Medicine) we say: Stagnant liver chi is resolved. The liver is a valve for emotions in TCM. When the liver is congested or stagnant, emotions back up and create “pent up” feelings. When the liver is functioning well, a happier demeanor is noted.

Decongesting the liver is a key factor in balancing overall health and tolerating detoxification. A healthy functioning liver that is able to detoxify or filter toxins efficiently supports a healthy histamine response, fat metabolism, and decreases environmental irritations.

We’re thankful to the children who participated in this intervention study. Their contribution helps us understand how Liver Life® benefits all people, but particularly those with sensitivities that are sometimes hard to understand or resolve.