BIORAY Clinical®

Expertly formulated from certified organic ingredients, BIORAY® products restore health and promote balance in the body. Safe and effective herbal liquid formulas are made for everyone, whether you are a parent who wants to raise happy and healthy children, or a health practitioner caring for your patients.

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BIORAY® Liver Life® 2oz

Liver Life® (Organic)

Liver Life® (Liver Restorative) naturally strengthens the liver’s structure and function, improves the body’s ability to filter toxins, drain acidic waste and decrease ammonia. Liver Life® opens up the detox pathways in the liver and supports kidney function.*

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BIORAY® CytoFlora® 4oz


CytoFlora®, a probiotic lysate, contains beneficial bacteria of which the cell wall has been decimated. This decimation releases vital substances and nutrients from the cell wall and cytoplasm.

BIORAY® NDF Plus® 1oz

NDF Plus® Detox (Organic)

NDF Plus® Detox safely removes toxic heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, organochlorides and BPA while balancing nutrient and mineral levels. NDF Plus® Detox is a gentle detoxifying formula for sensitive individuals with assimilation, immune and/or digestive issues.*

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NDF® Detox (Organic)

NDF® Detox is a heavy metal & chemical detoxifier that safely removes toxic heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides while balancing beneficial nutrient and mineral levels. It is a gentle detoxifying formula for individuals with a normal constitution.*

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BIORAY® Artemisia & Clove® 2oz

Artemisia & Clove® (Organic)

Artemisia & Clove® is a broad spectrum herbal supplement used to safely remove unwanted organisms. This formula is carefully buffered for long term use with sensitive digestive tracts, while still maintaining their full strength of action against unwanted organisms.*

BIORAY® NDF Mouth Rinse® 4oz

NDF Mouth Rinse® (Organic)

NDF Mouth Rinse® is a multi-purpose mouth rinse that binds to mercury vapor released from amalgam fillings, keeps teeth squeaky clean, and breath fresh. NDF Mouth Rinse™ strengthens tooth enamel and supports gum health while improving circulation.*