Why Is Supporting Liver Function Like Brushing Teeth?

Did you know the liver is responsible for some of the most vital functions in your child's body? Supporting healthy liver function is just like brushing teeth; it needs to be done every day! NDF CALM® is a great way to nourish your child's liver and remove toxins that disrupt healthy liver function.

Within 26 seconds after exposure to chemicals, they can be found in every organ in the body. These toxins disrupt the liver and healthy cellular function, creating stress and irritation throughout the body. According to a study published in New Scientist in 1999, infants who lived in homes where aerosol sprays and air fresheners were used, 30 percent experienced more ear infections and 22 percent had a higher incidence of runny bowel movements.

Here are just a few of the chemicals and substances that the liver breaks down into less harmful compounds when it's supported:

Ammonia - When this chemical accumulates in the blood, it can create significant problems with clear thinking and irritated behavior.

Hormones - Some of the body's major hormonal processes take place in the liver, including testosterone and estrogen metabolism. Moods are improved when our hormones are balanced - kids have them too!

Toxins - Most toxins including heavy metals and chemicals are broken down and filtered by the liver. The liver wants to remove these, but has a hard time when it is congested or there are too many creating a back up. NDF® calm supports the liver to do this job well.

NDF CALM® nourishes the liver, balances detox pathways, replenishes adrenals and removes environmental toxins. This means your child will benefit with healthy moods, have balanced energy, and be less reactive to environmental irritants and stress. Which makes a way more happy family :)

Tue, Mar 23, 21 |

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