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Children: Where To Start with BIORAY® Clinical Products

Step 7

Transitioning from therapeutic intakes to maintenance intakes

Now that you and your child(ren) have done the heavy lifting, how do you keep the results for as long as possible?

For the average child, we recommend utilizing BIORAY® Clinical products at optimal intake for a minimum of 3-4 months. For children who have more significant imbalances, we recommend BIORAY® Clinical products for 6-8 months or as needed.

Moving into Maintenance Mode

Maintenance intakes with BIORAY® Clinical products are a lower daily amount, or your child’s optimal intake for only 3 days a week. We also have a milder protocol in a bottle for children: BIORAY Kids®. This product line is intended for daily use to help kids maintain healthy organ function and remove toxins every day.

Clinical or Kids

The Difference Between

BIORAY® Clinical products are intended for both children and adults with significant imbalances. BIORAY Kids® formulas are intended for kids with mild imbalances or maintenance after using BIORAY® Clinical formulas. BIORAY Kids® products have been flavored so kids love the taste (using nothing artificial).

Clinical or Kids

The Comparison Between

NDF Calm® is 25% the strength of Liver Life® with added adrenal support and micronized chlorella to bind to toxins. NDF Tummy® is 25% the strength of CytoFlora® with added micronized chlorella to bind to toxins. NDF Focus® is 25% the strength of NDF+® Detox with added adrenal support. NDF Happy® is 25% the strength of Artemisia & Clove® with added adrenal support and micronized chlorella to bind to toxins.

Every Child is Unique

Which Products are Just Right?

If your child has a hard time sleeping, can’t sit still or has food sensitivities, NDF Calm® is appropriate. If your child struggles with gut or bowel issues, speech or communication, NDF Tummy® is appropriate. If your child needs help paying attention in school, is chemically sensitive or gets the seasonal sniffles, NDF Focus® is appropriate. If your child tends to have gas, grinds teeth or chews on fingernails, NDF Happy® is appropriate.

Depending on your child’s imbalances, one or more products can be used for maintenance.


Kits for Kids

At BIORAY® we want to make your life easier because we know that keeping kids healthy isn’t always simple. The following kits and product combinations are resources we created that have been used successfully with hundreds of children. Therefore, we feel confident recommending them to you!

The Children's Liver Restorative Kit

The foundation of any detox program is the body’s hardest working organ – the liver. The Children’s Liver Restorative Kit supports the body’s natural detoxification abilities. The amazing thing is that parents can measure progress by the pH results of the child’s early morning urine. This kit decreases ammonia and acidic waste in the body.*

The Children's Healthy Liver, GI, and Colon Kit

This product expands the detoxification process beyond the liver, and includes the GI and colon. It opens the liver detox pathways, balances healthy flora in the GI, and prepares the gut for the introduction of friendly bacteria. It is the only kit on the market that manages the immune response to pathogenic gut bacteria.*

The Children's Total Body Detox

This truly is the ultimate detoxification for children. This kit rebuilds the liver, and completely cleanses the GI & colon but also removes heavy metals, chemicals and unwanted organisms from the child’s gut and colon.*