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When to use BIORAY Clinical, BIORAY Daily, & BIORAY Kids® Products Based on Symptoms

BIORAY® began as a dietary supplement company offering professional products exclusively for practitioners in 1990 known as BIORAY Clinical. With an explosion of children with neurodevelopmental issues and adults with immune issues linked to environmental toxicity, there became a need for two additional product lines; BIORAY Kids and BIORAY Daily.


BIORAY Clinical (The original line) are single focused, professional strength formulations that support healthy organ function, remove environmental toxins and unwanted organisms. These formulas are intended for adults and kids with systemic or long-term issues; issues that require significant support or higher a milligram of BIORAY® herbal formulations. The Clinical line products are extracted in alcohol (an herbal tincture). Protocols are more complex, and users need to pay attention to tolerance or work with their healthcare practitioner.

BIORAY Daily, for teens and adults, is alcohol free glycerin tinctures intended for individuals with mild imbalances or symptoms. BIORAY Daily offers a multi organ system approach. They include mild detoxification, adrenal support and specific organ system support. These formulas are 50% the strength of BIORAY Clinical. They can be used before the Clinical line, as they are milder all-in-one formulas, or after to maintain results.

BIORAY Kids® are alcohol free, glycerin tinctures, intended for children 12 months to 12 years old. BIORAY Kids® formulas address issues and imbalances found in our kids. BIORAY Kids® have mild detoxification, adrenal support, and specific organ support. They are 25% the strength of BIORAY Clinical™. They can be used before the Clinical line, as it is a milder all-in-one line, or after to maintain results.

Look up our “Symptom Guide” for a quick reference. Download the PDF here.

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