Dispelling 10 Detox Myths with Science Based Facts & Tips for Mitigating a Detox Reaction

By Stephanie Ray, BCN, ND

MYTH #1: “Detox is scary and dangerous!”

FACT: Detoxification is a natural process that happens every single day in a healthy functioning body. It is the way any living organism removes waste (metabolizes or breaks down) beneficial foods, herbs, etc. after ingestion. This waste is carried out through the bowels or urinary pathways. This is the natural way that the body detoxifies itself. It is only dangerous when it is NOT happening.

MYTH #2: “There is only one way to safely detoxify heavy metals, especially mercury!”

FACT: There are multiple ways you can safely and effectively detoxify heavy metals. When someone says there is only one way to do anything in life, including detoxification, this is a huge red flag! This type of information is based on fear, not facts. There are many ways to safely detoxify from heavy metals, including mercury.

MYTH #3: “You MUST dose by the half-life or use AC protocol otherwise you are playing Russian Roulette with your family.”

FACT: This is a fear-based statement, not based on science. We are not aware of published studies showing that low frequent dosing / half-life dosing is more effective than other detoxification protocols. It is a slower detoxification method, which works for some people, but like any detoxification program, it does not work well for everyone. Note: ‘AC protocol’ stands for ‘Andrew Cutler protocol’ and involves dosing chelators by their half-life including DMSA or DMPS. This protocol advises against using chlorella with individuals who are mercury toxic.

MYTH #4: “NDF Detox® and NDF Detox Plus® are ‘chelators’.”

FACT: BIORAY® products are NOT chelators; they are natural heavy metal and chemical detoxifiers. Chelators are chemically based substances that pull both toxic metals and essential nutrients from the body — the FDA also deems them a drug. NDF Detox® and NDF Detox Plus® are dietary supplements that are all natural plant based detoxifiers which remove toxic heavy metals and chemicals while balancing essential nutrients. Get rid of the bad. Keep the good.

MYTH #5: “The half-life of NDF Detox® & NDF Detox Plus® is unknown.”

FACT: The half-life of NDF Detox® & NDF Detox Plus® is 2 hours.

MYTH #6: “Redistribution only happens when you do not dose the detox product you are using by its half-life.”

FACT: Redistribution happens every single day, as a part of the normal physiological processes in the body, regardless if you are using a detox agent or not. However, we do want to make sure we are moving toxins out of the body, as quickly as possible without causing a back up which triggers irritation. For this reason, we want to support the adrenals, the elimination pathways (bowels, liver, kidneys) and use a dose of the detox agent that is appropriate for an individual’s tolerance. This increases elimination, decreases reabsorption of toxins and supports the body’s ability to handle the detox process.

MYTH #7: “Dosing low and by the half life avoids redistribution.”

FACT: Using a low dose and giving it every few hours allows the body to eliminate toxins slow and consistently as the body naturally would if it were functioning well on its own. That is a great thing. However, if the natural elimination pathways are blocked, sluggish or inefficient such as the bowels not moving daily, it doesn’t matter what detox agent or protocol you use, you will be reabsorbing additional toxins. Sluggish bowels increase reabsorption, redistribution, as well as irritations.

MYTH #8: “A detox reaction means mercury is being driven into my brain.”

FACT: Yes, we’ve heard this one. The ultimate fear based statement versus fact. A detox reaction may occur when the dose of a detox supplement or medication is too high. This causes toxins to be mobilized faster than our organs of elimination can comfortably excrete. The excess is then removed through our lungs and/or skin resulting in symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, skin irritation or sweating. Head pain, body aches, irritability, trouble sleeping or feeling generally unwell can all be symptoms of a detox reaction. Children may be more emotional or have challenging behaviors as they can’t always say, ‘My tummy hurts” or “I don’t feel well.”

While detox reactions don’t tend to be dangerous, they are uncomfortable and unnecessary. A detox reaction is the body’s way of saying; “This is too much for me right now. Slow down.”  When the dose is appropriate for the individual’s detoxification abilities, they should feel the same or better. If you or your child feels worse, reduce their dose, make sure the bowels are moving daily, and maintain proper hydration (drink half your body weight pounds in ounces of water). Adding in fresh squeezed lemons is a great way to support the liver ability to filter toxins. After you feel good again, you can then proceed with a lower dose.

MYTH #9: “A detox reaction means it is working!”

FACT: No! A detox reaction means your body is stressed out. Detoxing too quickly triggers the release of cortisol from the adrenal glands. High cortisol levels can inhibit the immune response, lead to unstable blood sugars, increase histamine, and cause an imbalance in electrolytes like sodium and potassium. Cortisol must also be broken down and filtered by the liver. The last thing we want to do when trying to reestablish healthy balance in the body is create unnecessary work for the liver.  This ultimately slows down the healing process. When we detox in a way our organ systems can handle, we feel good and this allows deep healing to take place more quickly.

MYTH #10: “Chlorella is not an effective binder of toxins. It picks up heavy metals and redistributes them into the brain.”

FACT: Say what?! Chlorella is a very effective detoxifier. It both mobilizes and binds to toxins. The cell wall of chlorella found in NDF Detox® and NDF Detox Plus® is a mucopolysaccharide ion exchange resin (M.I.E.R) that forms both ionic and double bonds with toxic heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides and escorts them out of the body. Due to BIORAY’s micronization process, its ability to remove toxins is enhanced by 50 times that of regular chlorella. NDF Detox® and NDF Detox Plus® also contain cilantro which supports the mobilization of toxins as well as beneficial probiotic lysates to support healthy gut structure and function throughout the detoxification process. Research shows that neither NDF Detox® or NDF Detox Plus® remove beneficial minerals or create imbalances.  They act like as adaptogens, which are herbs that restore the natural homeostasis in the body and bring essential elements back towards balance.

There are over 900 scientific papers, which have studied the effectiveness and safety of chlorella. Here are a few you might find interesting:

  • Chlorella has a beneficial impact on the brain and body.
    • Rats exposed to lead experience an 87% decrease in glutathione in the brain. However, rats exposed to lead and given chlorella experienced a significant increase in glutathione. In fact, all rats exposed to lead and then given various amounts of chlorella had a higher level of glutathione, compared to the control group which was never exposed to lead at all.
    • Chlorella supplementation supports healthy body weight, a decrease of lead bioaccumulation in the tissues (brain, liver and kidneys) and prompted lead excretion.
    • Chlorella decreases symptoms related to lead toxicity, has a beneficial impact as an antioxidant, supports healthy lipids and cellular compartments.
  • Chlorella decreases the transfer of methylmercury to the fetus as well as the accumulation of mercury in the mother’s brain.
  • Chlorella decreases the transfer of dioxin to the fetus during pregnancy and through the mother’s breast milk while nursing.
  • Chlorella improves the nutritional status in pregnant women, which is noted to be the main cause of pregnancy related health imbalances.
  • Chlorella increases IgA concentrations in the breastmilk which supports healthy immune function.
  • Chlorella stimulates the growth of beneficial probiotic, lactobacillus acidophilus by 400%.
  • Babies given chlorella milk in place of regular milk, due to immune sensitivities, were found to grow at a healthier rate and eliminate skin irritations.
  • Chlorella provides benefit with chemically induced liver imbalances.

A Practical Approach to Avoid Detox Reactions and Redistribution of Toxins

If the liver or kidneys are congested, the bowels are not moving efficiently and/or the dose of a detoxifier is too high, more metals will be mobilized than the organs can comfortably excrete. This increases the chance of experiencing a detox reaction and contributes to redistribution.

Here are 7 helpful steps to mitigate detox reactions, the redistribution of toxins and promote balance in the body:

  1. Support the structure and function of the liver.
  2. Restore healthy first morning urine pH to 5.5 – 6.2 range.
  3. Stay properly hydrated to flush toxins.
  4. Move the bowels at least twice a day.
  5. Balance chemical chelators with natural binding agents such as NDF Detox® or NDF Detox Plus®, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, modified citrus pectin.
  6. Use appropriate dose of detoxifiers. Begin with a low dose and titrate up as tolerated. Increase dosage as body’s terrain comes into balance.
  7. Give constitutional support remedies.

There are Two Main Things to Know About Any Chlorella Product You Choose:

  • Use a verified pure source of chlorella. Chlorella is an amazing detoxifier for the environment and for the body. This means the chlorella you choose needs to be clean, otherwise it won’t be as impactful in cleaning the toxins out of your body. BIORAY’s ingredients are the highest quality, from the purest sources. The chlorella in our formulas is tested to be free of harmful toxins, pathogens and radioactive isotopes.
  • Use micronized chlorella. The cell wall of chlorella is very hard, making it challenging to digest, and contributing to tummy upset and sluggish bowels for many individuals. However, by micronizing the cell wall with Bioray’s proprietary process, the chlorella is ‘predigested’ so the benefits of the ingredients are immediately available upon ingestion without the digestive issues.

How Were BIORAY Professional™ Formulas Created?

BIORAY’s original formulations were created in clinic by Dr. Timothy Ray using Dr. Carey Reams’ Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) testing. By measuring an individual’s sugar, salts, ammonia and nitrates through urine and saliva analysis, Dr. Ray modified each formula to insure the combination of ingredients supported specific organ systems. In clinic, underlying every imbalance he encountered, was heavy metal and chemical toxicity. NDF Detox® and NDF Detox Plus®, as well as other formulations, are his contribution to a worldwide problem which continues to wreak havoc for all of us and particularly our children.

Timothy Ray, OMD, L.Ac. (retired) held private practices in the Santa Monica, CA area from 1983-2004. Graduating valedictorian of his class, he practiced acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for the first seven years of his practice, and then began the study of Biological Medicine, both in the U.S. and in Germany. That included Dark Field Microscopy, Biological Terrain Analysis, Complex German Homeopathy, EAV, The Performance 2001, Mayr Cure, Nutrition, Reams Testing, Oxygen Therapies, Pleomorphism and Sanum Therapy, A.R.T., NAET, Laser Therapy, and other related modalities. He has published several articles and case histories in peer-reviewed journals. He now resides in Europe and teaches terrain management in Vienna, Austria.

Today, Stephanie Ray, ND, is President and CEO of BIORAY and BIORAY Kids. She and Dr. Ray met in a Chinese herbal store in Venice, California in 1989. They created several biological medical clinics together over the span of 14 years. In 2010, Stephanie and her team began working with Generation Rescue’s family grant program. Since then she has led several intervention studies, published in peer-reviewed journals, and created BIORAY Kids and BIORAY Adult lines to counter the negative impact environmental toxins have on the body. Stephanie Ray has studied Reams Testing, Mayr Cure, Biological Terrain Analysis, Chinese herbalism, Tonic herbalism, and will be completing her naturopathic doctorate in 2017.


Environmental toxicity is costly to all of us and particularly to children below the age of 5 and the economically disadvantaged. One in five children has unhealthy levels of mercury in their body today. Since 1974, we’ve known 80% of chronic degenerative issues are caused by environmental toxins. This is a worldwide issue. The costs are too high to stay ignorant about the many successful paradigms to remove heavy metals and chemicals from the body. We are very sensitive and clear that no single product, food or herb, doctor or company has all the answers for everyone. It takes a multi-modality, multi-product, multi-support approach to heal a human who is suffering from environmental toxicity.

Easy Steps on Where to Start

If you are ready to begin the detox process with BIORAY Professional™ products, we have provided you with easy steps on Where to Start. These steps follow our clinical experience taking people through successful detoxification. If you have any additional questions, please email info@bioray.com or call us to schedule a free consultation at 1-888-635-9582.



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