Embarrassing Symptoms of High Histamine

​​​​​​​ In a recent article posted on the BIORAY® Kids website and social media pages entitled “Histamine: The Dark Side of Spring,” the trailblazing company explains how high histamine can stimulate circulation and increases blood flow that may cause a child to experience many of the following behaviors.

"Histamine response to pollen is the 6th leading cause of chronic health issues among all age groups in the US and the 3rd among children."
- Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Stephanie Ray, BIORAY® President

  • Undressing oneself in public
  • Unprovoked anger & aggression
  • Dark thoughts or unreasonable fears
  • Obsessive thoughts & behaviors
  • Unable to feel the need to urinate
  • Having delusions or talking to oneself
  • Sudden onset of cursing or saying inappropriate things
  • Chronic erections or hands on private parts
  • Constantly ‘adjusting’ oneself due to discomfort

The Link Between Histamine and Behavior

The data suggesting the link between behavioral issues and histamine level was first established by the Dr. Carl Pfeiffer (1908-1988), a biochemist and medical doctor who specialized in the study of biochemical imbalances. These biochemical imbalances showed that histamine levels can disrupt neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, both of which play a role in mood, focus, sleep and the regulation of energy. This disruption can profoundly impact children’s mood, emotions and psychological well-being.

Science Opens Door to Understanding

Due to a significant increase in these reports during springtime, we feel it's important to educate parents so they do not feel embarrassed or think their child is a 'bad kid'. A biological imbalance of histamine is often the result of an inefficient adrenal, liver and immune function.  Supporting these organ systems and utilizing ingredients that inhibit the release of histamine, can bring relief very quickly for your child as well as providing parents peace of mind that their children’s behavior is a naturally occurring, simple physiological reaction to outside stimuli,” said BIORAY® President and CEO Stephanie Ray. ”Histamine response to pollen is the 5th leading cause of chronic health issues among all age groups in the US and the 3rd among children.”

Natural Solutions for Children’s Health and Histamine Management

BIORAY® Kids, product line aimed at addressing environmental toxins and providing support for children’s organ systems, is one way parents can address potential issues due to high histamine levels. NDF Calm® nourishes the child's liver and replenishes adrenal energy. A nourished, healthy liver can help to detoxify things like excess histamine. NDF Calm® is a superior liver and adrenal tonic which has adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms.

Environmental toxins create stress in the body until they are removed. They eventually wear the cells down creating a susceptibility to a histamine response and decreasing a child’s focus, concentration and clarity. NDF Focus® binds to and removes these environmental toxins and has additional ingredients that sharpen the mind and promote steady energy.

Histamine Effects Reversible

As Dr. Pfeiffer reported, and parents experience, these behaviors triggered by high histamine are not permanent and can be alleviated with specific organ support and removal of environmental toxins. BIORAY® Kids’ NDF Calm® and NDF Focus® provide the organs with support needed to help alleviate the effects of high histamine and the negative issues they can bring.

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