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Article: Bold, Beautiful, You.

Bold, Beautiful, You.

Restoring and building inner fire.

By Stephanie Ray, BCN, ND

Are you an organizer, supply sergeant, communication and scheduling master, and giver of hugs and meals? The life of a woman and mom can be like an army sergeant without the support of a platoon. So, how can you support bold, beautiful you? We’re going to share our pro tips for doing just that.

The first place to look is your energy (chi). We need to stoke the adrenal system with herbs that support them and provides “wood” for the fire to burn on. If you’ve burnt through and have no wood to restore your reserves, it’s easy to experience burnout.
Here are some signs your adrenals are fatigued and need some love:
• If you are under long-term mental, emotional, or physical stress
• Trouble falling asleep at night or waking up in the morning
• Salt and sugar cravings
• Looking older than your real age
• Feeling tired all day/loss of patience
• Loss of purpose

Restore Your Patience & That Loving Feeling

Loving Energy® is a restorative and calming Traditional Chinese Kidney Yin Tonic. Its ingredients are often used for relieving stress and exhaustion, the adrenal system, which in turn balances the body's histamine response. This tonic is especially effective for parents and teachers, artists and healers, and those who meditate regularly or care for another, as it restores vital creative energy when one is giving rather than receiving. Loving Energy® is perfect for individuals who are anxious, tired, and overwhelmed with a touch of brain fog.

Benefits of Loving Energy®

• Replenishes adrenals*
• Restores creative energy*
• Relieves stress and exhaustion*
• Balances histamine response*
• Improves focus and feeling of well-being*
• Supports the lungs and kidneys*

Fire Up Your Feminine!

For women we use some of our fire and ‘essence savings” creating life (pregnancy), or in the act of giving birth, it is also used when we orgasm. It is the essence of creative thoughts and actions. So, when you feel that urge to rearrange the living room, your essence or ‘jing’ is high.
Many women, use our ‘jing’ to exhaustion. If you take care with the foods you eat, the partying and exercise you do; and not take them to a point of excess; you will keep more essence in your body than lose it. To ensure you have enough fire or essence in your tank you can supplement with Lady Passion®. Lady Passion increases female sex drive, supports healthy blood flow, and has a moistening effect. It gladdens the heart, ignites internal fire, and opens receptivity.*

Benefits of Lady Passion®

• Supports a healthy female endocrine system*
• Warms the lower valley for greater intimacy*
• Restores energy*
• Improves focus*
• Supports female libido*

Testosterone for Women – What’s That Provide?

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for women and men. Women begin to lose their testosterone production in their twenties. It supports women with mental clarity, increase in muscle mass, helps keep the stomach muscles toned, and decreases anxiousness and irritability. Optimal levels of testosterone allow both sexes to get in shape more quickly, and stay in shape with much less effort.

For women taking Red Rooster® as an ‘everyday tonic’ or before working out; they notice it improves their ability to stay “single-focused”, let the small things roll off their back, and have more stamina during exercise and training. It’s very difficult to distract a woman who is taking Red Rooster®!

Benefits of Red Rooster®

• Supports natural testosterone
• Restores energy
• Improves focus
• Boosts athletic performance

Worth Addressing, The Liver

The liver is so, so, so important for women. The liver regulates, metabolizes, and stores important things like:
• Balances glucose levels
• Filters out excess cholesterol and hormones
• It makes healthy cholesterol and hormones
• It metabolizes toxins and heavy metals and helps move them out of the body
• It makes our skin look amazing
• Helps us with frustration and anxiety

Liver Life® for women is like grace in a bottle. And who can’t use a little extra of that?

If I were in high intensity situations regularly, or a mom, I would take these four tonics every day for steady, sustained energy and well-being of thought and spirit. It takes something to keep us bold and our inner beauty shining through, also known as radiant health. We invite you to give the tonics a try.