Improving Workouts & Sex Drive. Yes, they are related.

Improving Workouts & Sex Drive. Yes, they are related.
By Stephanie Ray, ND, BCN

Many men think it's their increasing age that is the cause of their workouts not being as powerful or satisfying. Where’s the “gains”? Or that it’s their age that has their ‘stalk and stamina’ not as strong in the bedroom. For men living in the United Staes entering their 40s, it’s considered ‘normal’ to have a decline of up to 40% in sexual desire.1 What’s probably happening is they are leaking Jing.

What is Jing?

In American English, Jing closely translates to “primal essence” and is known as the “superior ultimate” of the Three Treasures. The Three Treasures are Chi = energy, Shen = spirit, Jing = essence. In this article, we’re going to thoroughly cover this essential treasure, Jing: how to stop it from leaking, restore, and protect it.

About Jing, Your Primal Life Force

Jing is the primal life force in all living beings, our reproductive potential, our DNA, and our seed. The minute you are born you have a certain amount of Jing. This is your genetic stock and it determines the power of your life. It is fundamental for the drive of your sex life as well as your workouts. Those with an abundant amount of Jing are healthy, strong, and resilient. If you are wondering how to tell if you’re leaking Jing, some indicators are that your workouts or sexual capacity has diminished.

Jing is leaked by most people, unless you’re a Taoist monk or Chinese herbalist, this may be a new concept for you. It signifies the level in your sexuality/workout ‘bank account’. How would you know if you’re leaking your Jing, you might be wondering? Well, if you are under stress (a primary cause), eat junk foods, have environmental toxins, argue with people, work long hours, get insufficient sleep, watch a lot of tv, or spend too much time gaming, you’re probably leaking your Jing.

When our Jing is reduced, it makes us susceptible to health issues, and likewise, health issues decrease Jing.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about: Men, aged 50-59 are more than 3x likely to report low sexual desire compared with men aged 18-29. This experience was more likely among men in poor physical and emotional health.2 Showing us that physical activity and sexual activity are related in their overall impact on men. What’s interesting about this study of 1,410 men, is that there is no consideration as to how they lived their lives. It was not a factor as to how they got along with family and friends, what they’re diet is made up of, what kind of supplements did they take or sleeping habits did they have?

Lifestyle and habits are a factor in anyone’s quality of life, after all, it’s a numbers game. How often we are exposed to something increases its impact with the frequency of it, ie. risk exposure = risk impact x probability.3 This is where the “Jing Factor” comes in. If one is not actively stopping leaking, replenishing, and protecting their Jing, there is a high probability that sex drive will be low and there will be diminished physical workouts.

It's easy to start getting your Jing on track for a life of power and longevity. Did I mention abundant Jing in Traditional herbal medicine is linked to a long, healthy life?

  • The first step is taking stock of the areas you are leaking Jing. This is a numbers issue. How many Jing leaking habits you have, the higher decrease one has of Jing, your primal essence.
  • The second step is stopping the behavior that is causing your Jing to leak; review the list above for some ideas and replace it with meditation, soft-focus contemplation, exercise, diet, and herbs. These can and will help stop the leaking of your Jing and protect it as you build your reserves.
  • The third step is increasing your Jing with foods and herbs that are high in kidney (yang) energy. All you need to know about this is that these kidney yang foods and herbs power up and feed the seat of creation, which in TCM, (Traditional Chinese medicine), are the kidneys, the great reservoir of creative power, sexual energy, and longevity.

Organ Systems to Support to Restore Jing

A sure approach to support Jing and the primary organs is to :

  • Help the liver to filter out toxic waste which is responsible for unhealthy aggression and arguments when it is congested and brings steady moods when it is processing well.
  • Remove toxins such as heavy metals and chemicals which impact healthy electrical balance in the body and your ability to think and have good energy at the cell level.
  • Restore and protect the adrenal glands and provide adaptability to stress, so that if you have stress, worry, or fear, you’re replenishing your adrenal system.
  • Build and protect Jing with deeply fiery herbs that support your primal energy and uplift psychological well-being. Some of these herbs are Epimedium, Muira puama root, Lu Rong (deer antler tips), and Eleuthero root.
  1. Liver Life® - supports the pathways that toxins use to leave the body*
  2. NDF® - binds and removes toxins*
  3. Loving Energy® - add fuel and restoratives for the adrenals and kidneys, provides adaptogenic herbs*
  4. Red Rooster® - ignites the fire of your creative center, the kidneys (caution: contraindicated for individuals with high blood pressure.)*
  5. Male Performance Kit - Each kit includes: 2oz Liver Life®, 2 oz NDF® - Natural Detox Factors, 2 oz Loving Energy®, 2 oz Red Rooster®† and a FREE Gift with Purchase BIORAY® travel tonic bag ($19.95 value)

Intake Suggestions

You can add these all together in your favorite protein smoothie, juice, or other favorite drink (yes, water is fine too). Try it for 4 weeks and see how much your energy and focus shifts – it can be subtly – however, it is noticeable. Our recommendation is 2 droppers full of each formula 1-2 times a day. Consistent intake and frequency produces more powerful effects.


  • Balanced hormones: higher sex drive*
  • Improved workouts*
  • Ability to concentrate*
  • Improved stamina & staying power*
  • Mentally uplifted mind*
  • Decrease of frustration & anxiousness*
  • More adaptability to stressful environment*
  • Decrease in electrical chaos; removal of heavy metals & chemicals*

The five primary organs (heart, lung, liver, spleen, and kidney) are all considered to be Yin because they store Jing, which is very yang or fiery.4 To keep balance, a yin organ is needed to hold yang energy. The Kidney is the central and most powerful holder of Jing for the entire body-mind. Organs become more stable when they have an abundance of Jing stored within their tissues – especially when the kidney function is strong. When functioning optimally, these Yin organs conserve Jing. They do not "leak."5 This is a key secret to longevity in traditional Chinese medicine.

Foods That Support Your Primal Essence: Jing

Let’s look at foods you can incorporate 3-4x a week that support kidney yang energy. In general, the foods in nature that are designed to nourish offspring will enhance your Jing, as well as some animal organs and tissues:

  • Royal jelly
  • Eggs of birds e.g. Chickens or ducks
  • Fish eggs or roe
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Pollen
  • Bone marrow, particularly from pig spine
  • Brains
  • Kidneys
  • Oysters, delivery of nutrients to sperm-manufacturing cells
  • Seaweed and algae, includes trace elements for production of gametes and related hormones
  • Artichoke leaf
  • Nettles
  • Oats
  • Raw Milk

“In heaven, Jing is the milky way. It is the light of the sun, moon, and the stars. It is the rain and dew, sleet and hail, snow and frost. On earth, it is water, streams, rivers, oceans, springs, wells, ponds, and marshes. In people, it is Jing, the root of essence and life. The body of blood and flesh.”

from Ancestor Lu, “Immortal” Taoist

A rise in harmful heavy metals and chemicals in the world with daily stress, and a decrease in nutrient-dense foods have supplementation becoming ever more important for protecting and building our precious Jing. Find your balance by using the tools of taking stock, replenishing, and protecting your vital essence. You can build your longevity bank account and enjoy life deeply while you’re here by cultivating a conscious lifestyle. :)

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