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Article: Unique You!

Unique You!

Unique You!

By Stephanie Ray, BCN, CNHP

Being uniquely you would mean one is free and clear with their self-expression. Toxins are leaving the body and hormones are balanced. Do I hear “Mini Spring Detox”? You bet! If you are not creatively, lovingly, and forgivingly expressing yourself you could be aided by a Mini Spring Detox.  








When toxins are not leaving your body efficiently you may see such signs as:

  • Anxiousness
  • Needing naps daily
  • Low energy
  • Stressed
  • Sluggish bowels
  • High histamine response
  • Difficulty losing or gaining weight
  • Frequent head pain
  • Waking up between 1-3 am
  • Difficulty digesting foods
  • White tongue
  • Brain fog
  • Losing your thoughts frequently


 Impact of Toxins Stuck in the Body

When two or more of these are present it’s often a symptom of toxins getting stuck in the body. Why would this happen? Following the mechanisms of how the body wants to process, it looks like this:

  1. Adrenal exhaustion is compounded by quick fixes to stress by ingesting coffee, sweets, carbs, and most importantly not taking time to ground yourself or sleep well through the night.
  2. The Liver is not functioning at optimal levels. Let’s face it, with the liver being the biggest filter we have for cleaning the blood, removing excess cholesterol, hormones, toxins, yeast, and other invaders – it’s BUSY! Yes, to the tune of over 500 physiological functions a day. To say keeping this system supported with goodness is important is an understatement. In Traditional Chinese medicine the liver is considered the "General of the Army".
  3. The gastrointestinal system, or GUT, can become leaky (holes in the intestines) and irritated by poor food choices, stress, or the liver being “backed up” contributing to GI pollutants. This often presents as gas, bloating, and unsatisfactory bowel movements.
  4. The brain and cells in the body become polluted by all these shenanigans going on down below. As you may know, things like ammonia, which is created when we don’t chew protein well, have an affinity for the brain. Try thinking when that’s swirling! And in fact, most of us who need a nap or are exhausted consistently have several heavy metals and chemicals present that deplete our cells of energy. This also makes digesting food difficult.
  5. Bowel function is less than 1-3 times a day, either like little grapes, too hard or too soft. This tells us toxic waste is not leaving the body efficiently and recirculating. This has a negative impact on all the previously noted functions.

Mix all these issues together and we have an imbalance in hormones. Who’s cranky now? This is the reality for many people. Often time we think it’s our mental or emotional state, when in fact it’s toxins and burdening organ system. And there is a very practical and easy way to remove, build, and balance the body.  

Cutting to the chase, here’s what we’ve done for years in clinical practice:

  1. Support the adrenals to handle the stress of the day as well as the presence of heavy metals and chemicals.
  2. Give the liver herbs that help it rejuvenate itself, the cells in the liver. This helps the liver be a fantastic detoxifier for your everyday chemicals, excesses, and body waste.
  3. The gut or gastrointestinal tract can be bolstered by pushing bad bugs out. This naturally and effectively decreases irritation and improves digestion with beneficial probiotic lysates – that’s probiotics whose cell walls have been broken. They are the boss of all gastrointestinal tract healers.
  4. Removing toxins while kicking up our cell’s energy is a kick-ass way to have the brain regain clarity and focus.
  5. Last, and most importantly, if you are doing steps 1-3 and you still have sluggish bowels, you’ve got to get the pooper moving 2-3 times a day with this process. If the bowels are not moving daily, no progress with your “Mini-Spring-Detox” will be made.


This is something every woman and mom owes to themselves because these old cells, toxins, and bloating are costing you your self-expression. Yes, that unique you cannot come out and play. Addressing this with a Mini Spring Detox includes the following formulas for 3-4 weeks: 


When toxins are leaving your body, there is less opportunity for negative long-term effects. In Traditional Chinese medicine we talk about cultivating and protecting our Three Treasures. The Three Treasures are your energy, essence, and spirit. All of them are enhanced by removing toxins and supporting the organs that eliminate these toxins.

"Diffuse Thinking" as a Life Practice

Adding in the practice of diffuse[1] thinking is what happens when your mind relaxes, providing space for daydreaming and wandering thoughts. After all, it’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.[2] You experience diffuse thinking when you go for a walk, take a long drive, or just stare out a window. Rather than being focused on your defined path and lists, diffuse thinking allows your subconscious to make unexpected connections between differing ideas. It can help you to create innovative solutions and learn by connecting new and unfamiliar concepts with existing ones.[3]

Being in nature is a place that begins the process for many while not really being conscious of it. Here are four steps we recommend for relaxation.

  1. Go outside to a park, a beach, or even a patio with a potted plant.
  2. Let yourself have whatever thoughts are there. Allow the thoughts space, all the chaotic thoughts are okay. Begin to ask yourself what you notice in the moment. Let the brooding thoughts clear themselves. If you have ever practiced mindfulness meditation, this should be familiar to you.
  3. After 5 minutes or so, set the stage so you can be gently distracted by soft fascinations. Begin to notice the wind blowing over your face, the clouds passing overhead, leaves rustling, a rock formation, whatever grabs your attention. This creates a mental environment with no cognitive pollutants. It opens you up to mental restoration. This can be done for 5 minutes or 30 minutes.
  4. In the last step, actively engage think about your goals and plans, small or large. This will help put things in perspective. The day’s chaotic-ness can slip away. The mind is brought back to balance and stress leaves. This is where directed attention is restored. Now you’re ready for the next round of focused attention.

 This practice is based on David Kaplan’s article: "The Restorative Benefits of Nature Toward an Integrative Framework".[4] Balancing the mind in this way has far-reaching beneficial consequences for a healthy mind and balanced life. Studies show that we need both directed and diffuse thinking.

End Note

Using these two tools: Active Detoxification and a practice of Diffuse Thinking; your energy, essence, and spirit will become balanced. We see beautiful skin, even temperament, excellent energy, healthy sexuality, and ultimately your spirit is happy. You will be refreshed and feeling like you were made to conquer your most important ideas and be Unique You.



[1] Definition: “spread out over a large area; not concentrated”
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