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Article: Modulation-Mushrooms-Miracles



By Stephanie Ray, ND, BCN

In traditional Chinese medicine modulation is the same as saying “long life”. When our body and mind are adaptable, they are more resilient to the constrictions and expansions of life. This ebb and flow, like ocean waves that come toward us (constriction) and then flow away (expansion) are the only real constant we can count on. Whether we like it or not, things will change. The question is what will help you and your family be able to adapt to changes? The answer is in the modulation of your body and mind with adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms.

Adaptogens are the rock stars of planet earth. Some of the best ones are in the fungi family.  Mycelia or medicinal mushrooms are the 'mothers of life'. They restore balance in our soil and air by breaking down matter and toxins, such as carbon, and return them to nutrient rich soil and life-giving oxygen.

Fungi are neither plants nor animals. They are organisms that form their own kingdom of life. Fungi do not photosynthesize like plants and neither do they ingest their food like animals. Fungi live inside their food and secrete enzymes to dissolve nutrients or toxins such as oil that they can then absorb. Fungi are responsible for almost all our food production as they break down rotting matter into digestible nutrition for plants.  

They can also be thanked for many medical breakthroughs in human history. Amazingly, fungi or mushrooms are more closely related to us than plants.

When these medicinal wonders are ingested, they give us their nutrients: mushrooms are full of beta 1/3 & 1/6 glucans (food for the liver), vitamins with high levels of riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin, folates, and traces of vitamin C, B1, B12, D and E. 

Mushrooms are the only non-animal food source that contains vitamin D and hence they are the only natural vitamin D ingredients for vegetarians. Wild mushrooms are generally excellent sources of vitamin D2 unlike cultivated ones; usually cultivated mushrooms are grown in darkness and UV-B light is needed to produce vitamin D2 [3, 8, 2934]. They contain potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, and zinc.

While that is what nutrients medicinal mushrooms have their biggest miracle is supporting the body to modulate or balance itself against invaders. 

The following mushrooms and their benefits are used in BIORAY formulations:

Agaricus blazei : High in beta-glucans, a nutrient that helps the liver produce new liver cells, it has strong immune modulating properties as well as assisting with overall metabolism function.*

Cordyceps : An adaptogen with strong energy containing properties. Helps with endurance and performance. Studies suggest that it may help with cough, respiratory related health issues.*

Reishi Mushroom : Known to support the spirit, ease the mind, and assist with lung health. It is immunomodulatory, liver protector, supports liver function.*

Grifola Frondosa or Maitake : A very potent mushroom, especially good for enhancing the immune system, supporting bones and fertility.*

Lion’s Mane : contains myconutrients, which potentially have neuroprotective and neuroregenerative properties. Because of its promotion of nerve growth factor gene expression and neurite (axon or dendrite) outgrowth, it is used for brain health.*

Turkey Tail : it’s modulation and antioxidant properties are especially useful for breast health. One study detected over 35 different phenolic compounds in turkey tail extract, along with the flavonoids quercetin and baicalein. Each of these various compounds promote immune system health and balance.* 

Poria Mushroom or Fuling : Immune support and one of the most important mushrooms for prolonged sleep time.*

When we ingest medicinal mushrooms, they do for the human body as they do for the plant kingdom. 

Formulating at BIORAY

Every BIORAY formula is tested on the biochemistry of 40 or more people. This provides specific knowledge of each formula’s metabolic and functional impact on individual pH, sugar, salt, ammonia (Nh4), and nitrate (No3). This technique supplies us with valuable knowledge, allowing us to expertly modify and buffer a formula until we have one that works for most people, most of the time. 

We use sustainably harvested organic herbs and selectively source ingredients, giving our extract uncompromised quality. All of our formulas are produced and manufactured in the United States. This allows us to participate in all aspects of quality control; from traditional Chinese tincturing to our unique micronizing process for our chlorella. 

Chinese herbalism encompasses simplicity, richness of history, and completeness as as system of healing. We respect this time-honored practice and are happy to share it with you and your family. 

Formulas using mushrooms from this article are:

Liver Life - Agaricus blazei, Turkey tail, Maitake, and Reishi

Artemisia & Clove - Lions Mane

NDF Plus - Agaricus blazei, Reishi, Cordycep

Loving Energy - Reishi

Liver Lover - Agaricus blazei, Turkey tail, Maitake, and Reishi

Microbe Slayer -  Lions Mane, Reishi

Mind Focus - Agaricus blazei, Reishi, Cordycep

Loving Energy - Reishi

NDF Calm - Agaricus blazei, Turkey tail, Maitake, and Reishi

NDF Happy - Lions Mane, Reishi

NDF Focus -   Agaricus blazei, Reishi, Cordycep

NDF Immune - Reishi

NDF Sleepy - Poria 


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