Men and The Importance of the Three Treasures

Essence/Jing, Energy/Chi, & Spirit/Shen

By Stephanie Ray, BCN, ND

In Traditional Chinese medicine, there is a theory called the Three Treasures. Each of these three things contributes to the health and longevity of a man’s life. They are the Essence, Energy, and Spirit of a person. These three things are essential for sustaining a long healthy life. For men, honoring and keeping the Three Treasures balanced equals a life of quality and vitality.

Your Essence - The First Treasure 

Your Essence or Jing determines your physical and energetic attributes before you’re born. You inherit this treasure from your parents. TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) theorizes that everyone has a set amount of essence at birth. As a newborn, you had a lifetime of it accrued into an energy savings account. Your essence enters your body similar to a network of tree roots, and it anchors all the energy you’ll expend in your lifetime. 

For men, your “essence savings account” can be used and lost in youthful exuberance. A man’s job is to always conserve his essence and not waste it. It’s no coincidence that a man peaks according to TCM at 32 years of age. His essence is not so high at this age and maturity begins to set in. Much of his essence has probably been expended during his late teens, all of his twenties. A man’s essence is the seed of creative thoughts and actions.

Men need to take care with the foods they eat, partying and exercise; and not take them to a point of excess; you will keep more essence in your body and not “leak” it (this is a TCM term).

Things That Drain Your Essence

  • Lack of sleep
  • Anger / Arguments
  • Chronic Stress
  • Ejaculate Frequently
  • Alcohol & Drugs


Signs Your Essence is Leaking

  • Looking older than your real age
  • Feeling tired all day
  • Trouble focusing
  • Loss of hair
  • Loss of purpose


Your essence can be restored by eating essential and good foods, fiery-kidney-yang herbs, and exercise. They are key elements to cultivate and add essence to your savings account. 

BIORAY formulas that support Essence/Jing

  • Belly Mend or CytoFlora - vital substances and nutrients from beneficial bacteria, for restorative for “gut instincts”
  • Red Rooster® - replenishes libido, increases stamina and staying power

Your Energy – The Second Treasure 

Human life depends on Chi (or Qi). In the classics of Chinese medicine, Chi is our Life Force Energy. It is the source of all movement in the body, it warms the body to maintain a normal temperature, it defends the body against invaders or illness, it transforms food into useful substances, and it helps to hold things in their proper places. It is responsible for moving blood and body fluids.

 Signs a man is having issues with his Energy (Chi) 

  • Stress / Burn out
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath or no desire to talk
  • Spontaneous sweating
  • A swollen tongue with teeth marks on the side


The organs responsible for these functions need blood and qi to function with the meridians (electrical pathways in the body) that act as communication channels. As a result, if a man has deficient chi, he is generally low in energy.  

When Energy or Qi is balanced men experience

  • Happy Moods
  • Clear thinking
  • Energy
  • Active sex drive
  • Healthy hair 


Energy/Qi can be supported by taking adaptogenic and adrenal supporting herbs, fermented foods, good fats, lightly cooked fruits & vegetables, taking breaks throughout the day, making time to take a nap, and by doing relaxing activities, such as yoga, tai chi, or qigong.

BIORAY formulas that support Qi/Chi

  • Loving Energy - replenishes creative and caring energy when you need it most

Your Spirit – The Third Treasure

The Shen translated means “Spirit” and is responsible for consciousness, cognition, and our emotional life. The Shen is responsible for thinking, planning, and feeling. And expresses differently depending on personality and constitution. 

When The Shen Is Disturbed It Impacts:

  • Thinking
  • Planning 
  • Emotions


BIORAY Formulas That Support The Shen

  • Loving Energy® - has reishi mushroom an herb for the spirit and heart, balances emotions
  • Mind Focus or NDF Plus - replenishes the cells so you can think and plan. An indicator this is appropriate is the need or desire for a daily nap


Harmonious shen (or spirit) is a major element needed for men to have a strong and healthy psychological life. If a man’s sense of all is well in the world is balanced his loved ones know it. Men are able to show how much they care.   

In Traditional Chinese medicine it is said, “Shen is the spiritual radiance that can be seen shining through a person’s eyes – a heart brimming with wisdom, forgiveness, and generosity”. 

Men love to care, be strong, and take the weight off of others. These are just a few traits we appreciate about them. 

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