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Plants that Clean the Air:

Calculate your carbon footprint here:

Pollution in your community:
Find out what companies are contributing to your area pollution. Search to see how toxic your environment is.

Safe and effective ways to clean your home:

EWG: Tap Water Database - Drinking water quality analysis of 30 million state water records:

EWG: Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database - Safe cosmetic choices:

EWG: Healthy Living Home Guide - Create an eco-friendly home:

Planet Natural - 100% safe & natural products for a healthy home, lawn & garden:

Good Guide - App that helps search for healthier products:

Cornucopia Institute - Backs ecologically produced local, organic and authentic food:

Organic - Protecting your right to safe, healthful food, and free of pollutants:

Non-GMO Project - Non-GMO Project verified products:

Documenting Hope - Proving our children can get better:

Generation Rescue - Dedicated to providing education and comprehensive treatment opportunities to kids with neurodevelopmental issues

Moms Across America - Raising awareness about GMOs & toxic exposure and creating healthy communities: