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Article: Intimate Line Announcement - Summer of Love Vol. 1

Intimate Line Announcement - Summer of Love Vol. 1

BIORAY is doing something new with its original pro-sexual formulas and women's health tonics. They are now designated as a group of remedies called BIORAY Intimate. That’s right, Lady Passion®, Red Rooster®, Loving Energy®, Before The Flow® and After The Flow® are in a new life stage group. With a rebrand and more intimate packaging, these transformative tonics are for women and men looking to help or enhance their intimacy levels.

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BIORAY Products designated “Intimate” are an ancient eastern herbal tradition which recognizes that, when we have an excitement for life, we also have a happy and healthy reproductive cycle and sexuality is fully expressed. At this time in our society, transformative tonics like BIORAY’s are needed and in demand for their ability to enhance and relax thinking while stimulating the “lower burner” or pelvic region (reproductive area) in the body. 

For a women to have a smooth menses, as well as prepare for pregnancy, she must have regular cycles, every 28 days lasting 5 days, and bright red. To assist with this BIORAY Intimate has two formulas for her flow: 

  • Before the Flow® supports a woman’s body before her menstrual cycle, helping to relieve swollen or tender breasts, anxiousness, bloating, and mood swings. 
  • After the Flow® nourishes and strengthens the blood and body after emptying during the period phase, refilling her with nourishing herbs and minerals, preparing her what’s next.*

In BIORAY Intimate, we have two pro-sexual tonics, which are specifically formulated for women and men with totally different herbal ingredients, yet both have herbs that connect the heart to the genitals. 

For our woman’s aphrodisiac we’ve included herbs that warm and moisten the lower burner.  Because if a woman is not feeling it is safe and her heart is not open and connected, plan on it being an early night. For our men’s pro-sexual enhancer, we’ve included herbs that ‘lift up’ the psyche, because if a man is concerned about work, money, or stressed in general, there is a high probability nothing will happen at all, intimately speaking. 

  • Lady Passion® is a fiery tonic for ladies who want more heat and want to be more receptive. Lady Passion® gives a warming, relaxing, and opening nature to the lower burner.*
  • Red Rooster® is a high energy tonic for men who want to feel connected and be the driving force with increased stamina and energy.*
  • For same sex couples, partners can choose what they would like to enhance, if they desire to have more driving energy and stamina, then choose Red Rooster, and if they want to be more receptive and open, then choose Lady Passion.*

BIORAY Intimate also includes Loving Energy®, a tonic for adrenal restoration. If a person doesn’t have enough deeply stored energy -- in eastern medicine it is called “yin” -- there is nothing to catch fire -- called “yang” -- and so passion cannot be expressed without burning out the endocrine system. This is where Loving Energy comes into play, it is excellent for both men and women to replenish lost essence. 

  • Loving Energy@ is an ancient and reliable tonic, used to build energy reserves before, and to fortify lovers after a night of feasting. Loving Energy’s adrenal strengthening herbs replenish moisture and trace minerals by hydrating exhausted bodies.

BIORAY Intimate formulas give lovers what is needed to have a happy, healthy, and expressive intimate life; something private, a gift we were all given. Enjoy the gift of being healthfully intimate.

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