Children: Where To Start with BIORAY Professional™ Products


Help your child deal with stress by replenishing their adrenal reserves

Everyday our children are dealing with 3 layers of stress: environmental, emotional and intellectual. Kids are bombarded daily with electronic devices, schoolwork, cooperating with teachers, friends and family and environmental toxins. It is no wonder they can be short on energy and patience. The organ system responsible for addressing stress is the adrenal system. When the adrenal reserves are low, our kids have a difficult time adapting to changes and stressors. Toxins signal the adrenals to activate the “fight or flight” stress response when they are present and as they are being removed. Research shows sustained activation of the stress response system can lead to impairments in learning, memory and the continued ability to deal with stress well.

Loving Energy™ replenishes adrenal reserves and helps kids deal with stress. It easily buffers irritations from detox, dietary infractions or seasonal histamines.


  • Replenishes adrenal energy
  • Relieves stress and exhaustion
  • Balances histamine response
  • Improves focus and feelings of well being
  • Balances energy

In a recent detoxification intervention study with children, Loving Energy™, buffered aggravations in children while removing heavy metals and chemicals on high therapeutic doses of NDF® and NDF Plus®. These children were able to reach high doses of 4-8 ml daily within 3 days.

Clinical Tip

Loving Energy™ can be added to support a balanced histamine response. High histamines are typically a result of the liver, adrenal, and immune system being out of balance. By supporting these three systems, you have a complete and efficient healthy histamine package.

How to Add More Than One Product at a Time

When the adrenals are properly supported with Loving Energy™, most kids do very well with introducing other products fairly quickly. As with any new remedy or product, add one at a time and allow 24 hours to pass before adding another. This allows you to see what is happening after each remedy. If your child appears sensitive, wait 3-4 days or longer between introducing each new product and increase your child’s dose of Loving Energy™.

If something bothers your child, you will know which product it is and will be able to decrease the dose or take it out entirely. As your child shows that they are tolerating the product and dose well, you can mix them together in juice, water, smoothie or cook with them.