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Article: Focus Issues in Children Linked to Air Pollution

Focus Issues in Children Linked to Air Pollution

A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives discovered that hyperactivity and focus issues in children can be linked to traffic-related pollution exposure. Although breathing in pollutants is known to cause lung problems for children, scientists are also saying that pollution could put our kids at risk for neurological issues.


As daily toxins increase, there is a cumulative impact making our kids even more susceptible to smog and other forms of toxicity. Research points to an obvious link between the two factors, according the study's lead author Nicholas Newman.

"It appears that air pollution is part of the story of childhood behavior, but it's not the whole story," Newman, who is also the director of the Pediatric Environmental Health and Lead Clinic at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, told Time Magazine.

The researchers said these are the most comprehensive studies ever conducted on traffic-related exposure and kids' health. During the trials, scientists followed 576 children in the Cincinnati area from the time they were born until age 7. The children were separated into two groups: those who lived near a prominent highway or bus route, and kids who were more than a mile away from areas with heavy traffic.


Scientists concluded that the group who lived closest to major highways were more likely to have focus issues compared those who lived the length of more than four football fields away. The study also factored in aspects of their lives that could have skewed results, such as income level and children's cigarette smoke exposure.

According to Time Magazine, previous studies have proven that pollutants in the air and water can restrict blood vessels to the brain causing toxic build-up. Since children grow at such a fast rate, especially in early childhood, these new findings are an alarming indication that more needs to be done to address exposure to toxins. 

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