Put 1 dropper into your mouth or favorite drink 2x a day or as needed.

Yes, you can. If there is any concern about this, take your RAYZ formula two hours away from western medicines.

Yes, you can. However, when using all products together, introduce one product at a time and wait 24 - 48 hours before introducing the next product. This ensures that you feel good with the new product and the recommended intake.

RAYZ formulas can be taken at any time during the day as needed. Follow the intake instructions on the label. Make sure you stay hydrated during the day. Ideal hydration: half your body weight in ounces of water each day. Example: 150 pound person would do well drinking 75 ounces of clean water over the course of a day to keep toxins moving out and the mind fresh. We do not recommend any RAYZ formulas be taken at bedtime aside from DREAM MACHINE®.

The best way to get enough vitamins and minerals is by eating a wide variety of foods. These are absorbed by the body as food is chewed, becoming “trace nutrients”. As these are released in the body they support growing organ systems. But sometimes its not easy to eat everything we should. That’s where All Systems Glow® comes in. All Systems Glow® has herbs, fruits, and vegetables containing trace minerals and vitamins for fussy eaters that are easily absorbed in the body.

The main herbs in Dream Machine (licorice, silk tree, Chinese salvia) have a synergistic effect modulating (aka: regulating or adjusting) the GABA receptor sites in the brain. This creates the effect of defragmenting the mind, so you can relax, get good deep sleep with no morning after effects. This formula is pure herbs, there is no melatonin.

Life Is Peachy® has herbs that remove unwanted organisms. These bugs live under our finger nails, on our pets, or get passed from one person to another. They are totally normal in our world, however when they lay eggs and multiple, we experience angry outbursts, sugar and carb crazings (these keep them alive). The herbs in LIP remove them and alkalize the body so you are no longer a good host for them.*

For a complete unwanted organism cleanse, we recommend 4ml daily for a minimum of 5 weeks. However, this formula can be used long-term or simply as needed when you feel the urge to eat sweets or carbs.

THINKING CAP® balances beta and theta waves within 5 minutes of taking per EEG results. Beta waves help us pay attention and stay alert while theta waves allow us to relax so we can absorb more information. The herbs and medicinal mushrooms in Thinking Cap, such as cordyceps, lions mane, agaricus blazei, reishi are fermented giving extra support to the cells that help us think.