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Revitalize Healthy Adrenal Function

Dr. John Tinterra, M.D., who specialized in adrenal function, surmised in 1969 that 66% of the public could be classified as having severe adrenal exhaustion.

Stress relief drops replenishing adrenal energy

Most of us experience adrenal exhaustion on a daily basis. Today, it is common for many Americans to:

  • Grab a cup of coffee for energy to start the day and consume caffeinated drinks or sugary snacks to try to sustain their energy throughout the day.
  • Go to bed late, wake up early, and push through fatigue instead of laying down to rest.
  • Choose food based on convenience versus nutritional value.
  • Be on the run while eating, paying little attention to eating without stress and chewing food well.

That was before the internet, mobile phones, online gaming, lack of physical education in school and the need for us to be on top of information exponentially increased. This applies to both children and adults. Let's face it, we are a society of fast food eaters, (white, starchy, sugary, salty, and creamy), putting more onto the calendar than is humanly possible, and not stopping to refresh or reset our heart and minds (even for 10 minutes!). These things throw the biology of the body out of balance, affecting our sympathetic nervous system and adrenal function.

Adrenal Stress - What are some of the signs?

  • Energy crashes at different points in the day
  • Low self esteem due to low energy output
  • Feeling anxious
  • Craving sugar or salt
  • Dilated pupils
  • Poor appetite in the morning
  • Decreased tolerance to cold
  • Sensitivity to lights and loud noises
  • Apathy
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Low blood sugar episodes
  • Low levels of gastric hydrochloric acid
  • Sluggish bowels
  • Histamine imbalance
  • Unreasonable fears

The adrenal glands are rounded disc-shaped glands about 3-4 inches across. One sits on top of each kidney, located on either side of your lower back, just above where your ribs end. They secrete a number of hormones that prepare our bodies to respond to stress, and they are essential for life.

Replenish Your Adrenal Reserves

Many of us have become adept at overriding the signals that the adrenals give us when they need replenishing with rest, good food, or quenching a thirst. Restore and fortify your adrenals with Loving Energy®, a supreme adrenal tonic.

Loving Energy is based on an ancient formulation created by Taoist monks, who would keep a pot of this tea brewing all day. Several times a day, when they took a break from their prayers and studies, they would drink a cup full. Enjoy the thirst quenching flavors of schizandra berries, licorice, spirit reishi mushroom and eleuthero ginseng.

In Traditional Chinese herbalism, adrenal exhaustion is often a deficiency of the kidneys and requires "yin" building herbs. Solomon seal root is a favorite kidney yin herb, also well known as a restorative for mental vitality. Eleuthero root helps increase mental and physical endurance and is commonly used by Russian Olympic athletes. Reishi mushroom is a superior "king herb" that supports the nervous system and has anti-stress activity. Schizandra berries help with relaxation and staying alert. All of these and other adaptogenic herbs, found in Loving Energy, have a long history in Chinese herbalism. Safe for adults and children alike, refueling our organs is a requirement for staying healthy.

If you imagine a fire: Loving Energy™ is the wood while Lady Passion™ or Red Rooster™ is the flame. No known contraindications with Loving Energy. Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing unless supervised by a physician.

Loving Energy™ Health Benefits

  • Replenishes adrenal reserves*
  • Supports the lungs and kidneys*
  • Balances histamine response*
  • Buffers irritations during detoxification*
  • Relieves stress and exhaustion*
  • Enhances and balances energy*
  • Reduces brain fog and seasonal sniffles*

Adrenal Support and Detoxification

Toxins signal the adrenals to activate the "fight or flight" stress response when they are present and as they are being removed. Research shows sustained activation of the stress response system can lead to impairments in learning, memory, and the continued ability to deal with stress well. It is possible to buffer a "detox reaction" by supporting the adrenal reserves